Menuet32 0.86b

Menuet32 is distributed under General Public License - Release notes

Diskette image
Kernel sources (fasm 1.70+)
Application sources
System calls Download
Games (doom,quake,..) Download

Following files may already be on the M32 or M64 distribution disk.


HD Fat32 bootsectordownloadpicture
3D models (Teapot..) from Macgub, macgub3@wp.pldownloadpicture
Freecell - Card game, Alexandr Gorbovetsdownloadpicture
C4 game, Thomas Mathysdownloadpicture
Fire demo IIdownloadpicture
Mario demodownloadpicture
Memory Blocks gamedownloadpicture
Analogue clock sourcesdownloadpicture
Binary clock from Don, VWBDEBCOM@aol.comdownloadpicture
3D cubes from Pavlushin Evgeni, waptap@mail.rudownloadpicture
Sokoban game from Ivushkin Andreydownloadpicture
TEXCUBE (3d demo) from Pavlushin Evgenidownloadpicture


MeOSload, start menuet from hd/msetup.exe, transafe@rambler.rudownloadpicture
Movable icon set and a new panel from Anthony Bond,
source for abovedownloadpicture
Option box example from Harald Weber, kitemaster@gmx.atdownloadpicture
Bootsector with kernel name selection from Jiang Yio, jyio@stuy.edudownloadpicture
XTREE from Pavlushin Evgeni, waptap@mail.rudownloadpicture
M64Cirrus Vesa 1.2 driver from Don, VWBDEBCOM@aol.comdownloadpicture
Command prompt from dmitri_gt@tut.bydownloadpicture

C, Java, Basic...

Small-C compiler from Veselin, Outputs Fasm 1.40 format assemblydownloadpicture
Example c filedownloadpicture
Java Menuet GUI Builder 2.0, L.Guitier, guitier@free.frdownloadpicture
Basic interpreter, Jarek Pelczardownloadpicture
Sphinx, Barry Kaulerdownloadpicture
German translation of Sphinx documentdownloadpicture


MHC archiver Win32, Nikita Lesnikovdownloadpicture
Crux window skindownloadpicture
Many familiar (win,mac..) and new skin-types, Samuel Rodriguez Perezdownloadpicture