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MPlayer v1.21

MediaPlayer is a 100% assembly coded mpeg-2/mp3 decoder. It is not based on other codecs or libraries. Coding by V.Turjanmaa and A.Mogyorosi.

MPlayer includes the following components:

TV/Radio player (DVB-T, mpeg-2 video, layer I,II,III audio)

TV/Radio player decodes DVB-T broadcasts with mpeg-2 video and mpeg-1 layer I,II,III audio. Tuner application is included to Menuet64 image. Subtitles are not supported.

MP3 player (mpeg-1 audio layers I,II,III)

MP3 player decodes mpeg-1, audio layer I,II and III -files. Also variable bitrate (VBR) files are supported. Player includes a 32 band equalizer.

Movie file decoder (mpeg-2 ps,720x576,720x480 & MP3,112k->224kbps)

Decoder supports mpeg-files with mpeg-2 video (ps) and mp3 audio. File player is included to Menuet64 image. For movie encoding, you can use a program like TMPGEnc.

DVD movie player (mpeg-2, pal, pcm-audio)

Player decodes non-protected PAL dvd's with mpeg-2 video and PCM audio. Also non-protected NTSC disks work fine in our limited tests. Current version supports PCM-audio, not dolby digital.

Mpeg-2 and Mp3 patents have now expired in many countries.

Free download available for most countries: MP121.ZIP