Menuet32 - Release notes

0.86B            Now 100% assembly release

0.86             Freeform clock, improved menu

0.85F            Improvements and bugfixes

0.85E            Menu at bottom of the screen

0.85D            Improved icon manager

0.85C            Configuration file, config.dat from Walt Nagel []
                 Keyboard port 60 switched to bios request at bootup

0.85B            Bugfixes and improved graphics

0.85             Bugfixes and similar GUI with M64 from me
                 Bugfixes for SiS900 driver from Paolo Franchetti,
                 Bugfix for from Heavyiron
                 Brazilian portuguese keymap from Luis Alberto Lucas,

0.84             Similar GUI with M64 from me
                 Bugfix for scroll bars from me
                 Bugfix for RTL8139 driver from Paolo Franchetti,
                 Bugfix for Network code from Paolo Franchetti,

0.83B            Small fix for image

0.83             Window menus
                 Scroll bars
                 New window type
                 Improved applications
                 New examples

0.82B            GUI and kernel code cleanup

0.82             Bugfixes for ComX mouse and CPU usage
                 New demo from Macgub,
                 Quake runs at correct framerate
                 Compiles with Fasm 1.67 from Madis Kalme
                 MFAR 8.1 from Mike Semenyako
                 Text editor 4.0.2 from Mike Semenyako

0.81             Bugfixes 

0.80             Bugfixes


  0.79 pre-1     Improved keyboard driver from Mike.dld
                 Source code cleanups by me
                 Wait queues in kernel from me
                 MFAR from Mike.dld
                 Calendar from Ivushkin Andrey
                 XTree from Pavlushin Evgeni
                 CPUID from Sergey Kuzmin
		 New CPU from Mario 79
		 New FASM 1.57.1


  0.78 pre-6     Nuvola icons for Menu from me and Sonny.
                 See files Icons.txt and Lgpl.txt

  0.78 pre-5     Freecell card game from Alexandr Gorbovets
                 Phenix 2D arcade game from Pavlushin Evgeni
                 AC97 player from Ivan Poddubny
                 CPUID from Sergey Kuzmin
                 3D Viewer & XPAINT
                 High port access ( above 16000 ) from me

  0.78 pre-4     Fat16 support from Mario79.
                 Precise CPU speed detection from Sergey Kuzmin.
                 New screen layout from me, Ville.

  0.78 pre-3     New Panel and Menu system, graphics by Andrew Youlle,
                 coding by Mike Hibbett.
                 FAT32 free size bug fix by Mario79
                 New Icon app by Mike Semenyako
                 New options for Windows and Buttons by Ville

  0.78 pre-2     Automatic memory detection by mario79
                 Bug fix to vesa1.2 background draw by Ville
                 .ICO support, and faster rendering, to ICON app by mike.dld
                 Updated JPEGVIEW application; Displays jpeg image as backgound
                 New launcher application; Startup applications defined in a
                 text file (RDBOOT.DAT) by me
                 Application sources moved into, link on website.

  0.78 pre-1     PCNET32 Ethernet Driver from Jarek Pelczar. Works with VMWare!
                 TCP/IP bug fixes to TCP retransmissions, from Mike Hibbett
                 FTP Server from Mike Hibbett
                 Window resizing/moving from Ville ( see sysfuncs.txt, fn 67)


  0.77 pre-4.8   Improved interrupt protection ( test.asm ) from me
                 Improved keyboard functions ( sysfn 66 ) from me
  0.77 pre-4.5   Updated 3Com driver from Endre Kozma,
                 CD player from Dmitry Yushko,
                 Bugfixes and a different skin from me
  0.77 pre-4.0   Real-time RD2FD from Tom Tollet,
                 XTree for programmers from Pavlushin Evgeni,
                 Screen saver v.1.13 from Ivan Krestinin,
  0.77 pre-3.5b  3C900 cyclone card support from
                 Endre Kozma,
  0.77 pre-3.0d  Write-back cache for hd from me
  0.77 pre-2.8   Save ramdisk to floppy from Tom Tollet,
                 Screensaver 1.12 from Ivan A. Krestinin,
  0.77 pre-2.5b  Scancode return from keyboard (scancode.asm) from me
  0.77 pre-2.0   Sis900 ethernet driver from
                 Jason Delozier,
  0.77 pre-1.0   3Com ethernet driver ( 3c59x, 3c900, 3c905 ) from
                 Endre Kozma,


  0.76 pre-5.2   Bugfixes & Jpegviewer
  0.76 pre-5.1   Port access with I/O map (sysfn 46) & rd2hd from me
  0.76 pre-5.0e  NNTP newsgroup client v0.1 from me
                 linear block read for ramdisk (sysfn 58) from me
  0.76 pre-4.0   process memory management (sysfn 64) at runtime from me
                 bugfix for ss segments from Jarek Pelczar   
  0.76 pre-3.4   dhcp.asm+, airc.asm+, & 'hlt' for idle_loop
  0.76 pre-3.3c  Irc client 0.3
  0.76 pre-3.2   Com-port selection for ppp-dialer from Mike Hibbett
  0.76 pre-3.1   Improved Vesa 3.0 compatibility
  0.76 pre-3.0   Fasm 1.50
  0.76 pre-2.5   Process management Cpu.asm+, debug Board.asm+ & Ipc.asm+
  0.76 pre-2.4   Faster window move and bugfix for mouse event from me
  0.76 pre-2.3   Bugfix for invalid instruction interrupt from me
                 ( conflict with input device interrupt )
  0.76 pre-2.2   bugfixes & faster response for menus from me
  0.76 pre-2.1b  Bugfix for forced process termination from me
  0.76 pre-2.0b  Dhcp client (for testing only) from Mike Hibbett
                 Httpc from me and Mike
  0.76 pre-1.0   Memory organizing, faster window move and
                 RT improvements from me


  0.75 pre-4.3   Syntax highlight & search for Tinypad from
                 Ivan Poddubny, 
  0.75 pre-4.2c  Ctrl/alt/del, Launcher+, Chess+ from me
                 Index.htm from
  0.75 pre-4.1c  Icons+ from me
  0.75 pre-4.0   Gateway support from Mike Hibbett
                 Irc client 0.2 from me
  0.75 pre-3.9c  Stack update from Mike Hibbett
                 Bugfixes here and there from me
  0.75 pre-3.8b  Stack and PPP update from Mike Hibbett
  0.75 pre-3.5   DNS resolver from Mike Hibbett
                 GDT (general descriptor table) change from me
  0.75 pre-3.1   Bugfix for Fasm 1.40 file open from me
  0.75 pre-3.0   Telnet v 0.1 from Mike Hibbett &
                 Pop client v 0.1 from me
  0.75 pre-2.1   New PPP dialer from Mike Hibbett
  0.75 pre-2.0   PPP connection and dialer from
                 Mike Hibbett, and
                 Shrirang Bhagwat,
  0.75 pre-1.1   Bugfix for get_irq_data from me
  0.75 pre-1.0   Ethernet driver for RTL 8139 based cards from Endre Kozma,
                 Aclock 1.1 from Thomas Mathys


  0.74 pre-4.0b  Tiny SMTP email server
  0.74 pre-3.4   Bugfixes and new skinning
  0.74 pre-3.3   Bugfix for panel with the new scheduler
  0.74 pre-3.2   Bugfix for unmasking irq's for some models
  0.74 pre-3.1   Bugfix for system call handlers stack
  0.74 pre-3.0   Ring-3 level protection (cli,sti,in,out..)
                 test.asm &
  0.74 pre-2.5b  Tinyserver 0.4 - new messageboard
  0.74 pre-2.1   Colorref from C.R.Thomson, 
                 Tranparent example and Fire II
  0.74 pre-2.0   Iconedit.mhc and example3.asm from Anthony Bond,
                 Bugfix for tinyserver
  0.74 pre-1.9   Keyboard commands for calc.asm from &
                 Bugfix for airc.asm
  0.74 pre-1.8   MP3 server 0.3 & fonts+
  0.74 pre-1.5   Tinyserver 0.3 & activate running applications from panel
  0.74 pre-1.0   Bugfix for panel & sound interface+


  0.73 pre-2.8   Demos from (application/demos) &
                 Bugfix for french keyboard layout from L.Guitier,
  0.73 pre-2.6   hard real-time data event for processes
  0.73 pre-2.4 (menu/programming)
  0.73 pre-2.2   New font (sysfuncs.txt/fn4) & kernel sources in
  0.73 pre-2.1   debug board
  0.73 pre-2.0   Tiny HTTP server, MP3 Shoutcast server
  0.73 pre-1.8   fast 3d maze also for slower machines
  0.73 pre-1.5   24 bit button id
  0.73 pre-1.4   bugfix for paging
  0.73 pre-1.2   pid return at thread/process creation (sysfuncs.txt)
  0.73 pre-1.0   PCI access for applications (pci.txt) from Victor Prodan,


  0.72 pre-3.1   Text only option for panel
  0.72 pre-3.0   TCP/IP from Mike Hibbett,
  0.72 pre-2.2   Launcher and panel setup
  0.72 pre-2.0   Fpu calculator
  0.72 pre-1.8   New keyboard driver for entry and exit screens
  0.72 pre-1.6   Restart kernel at menuet exit for faster development cycle
  0.72 pre-1.4   Bugfix for buttonframe restore when pressed
  0.72 pre-1.2   Graphical and application code cleanups
  0.72 pre-1.0   Dynamic ARP table from Mike,

  0.71 pre-4.3   Some graphical improvements, mbar.asm
  0.71 pre-4.2   Resize for window type II, tinypad.asm
                 Define buttons without drawing the image, mbar.asm
  0.71 pre-4.1   Faster IPC messaging
  0.71 pre-4.0   Much faster ethernet tftp file transfers
  0.71 pre-3.8   System call 48+ from t.mathys,
                 Button removal with system call 8
  0.71 pre-3.7   Mouse event 6, sysfunctions 37 & 40
  0.71 pre-3.6   Resize for skinned windows, sf 9+ (position and size)
  0.71 pre-3.5   Fast direct screen access (starting at [gs:0]),
                 Sysf. 61, xeoda skin
  0.71 pre-3.0   Lba hex.viewer from S.R.Perez,
                 French keyboard support from L.Guitier,
                 Bugfix for ramdisk reading
  0.71 pre-2.0   Fasm 1.40 - work with rd/hd
  0.71 pre-1.0   Transparency for application start menus

  0.70 pre-4.8   3D raycast from
  0.70 pre-4.7   Analog clock from T.Mathys,
  0.70 pre-4.6   Bugfix for floppy saving at exit from
  0.70 pre-4.5   Systree read/write fn 58 (sysfuncs.txt)
  0.70 pre-4.4   More skinned windows
  0.70 pre-4.3   Bugfix for buttonlist & window redesign at redraw
  0.70 pre-4.2   Bugfix for ipc : skinning, colours+
  0.70 pre-4.1   Stackcfg.c -> stackcfg.asm ; 100% assembly again
  0.70 pre-4.0   Ethernet driver for i8255x & coding instructions
                 from Mike (
  0.70 pre-3.0   Simple local/remote clustering
  0.70 pre-2.5   Stack update from Mike (
  0.70 pre-2.0   IPC
  0.70 pre-1.0   Code viewer 0.2 from &
                 tftp html viewer
  0.69 pre-2.7   Tftpa.asm - play music stream from a tftp server
  0.69 pre-2.6   Bugfix for stack checksum from Mike
                 large tftp file transfers should work without any trouble
  0.69 pre-2.5   Tinypad+ & direct LBA read
  0.69 pre-2.4   Panic function for times.asm
  0.69 pre-2.3   Improved fat32 detection
  0.69 pre-2.2   French keyboard keymap from
  0.69 pre-2.1   Bugfix for large application start
  0.69 pre-2.0   Ethernet utilities (tftpc.asm) & information from Mike,
  0.69 pre-1.5   System colours+
  0.69 pre-1.4   Define dma channel for sound in setup (setup.asm,
  0.69 pre-1.3   Bugfix for older kbrd controllers (boot-time options)
  0.69 pre-1.2   Bugfix in tinypad
  0.69 pre-1.1   Some compressed sources with Nikitas archiver
  0.69 pre-1.0   Stack 0.1 from Mike Hibbett,
                 (,,, utilities..)
  0.68 pre-6     Fpu enabled for apps (fpu.asm)
  0.68 pre-5.5   Bmpview.asm +
  0.68 pre-5.4   Bugfix in application start
  0.68 pre-5.3   Mbar.asm+ & times.asm+
  0.68 pre-5.2   Minimize mbar to left/right
  0.68 pre-5.1   Bugfix in fn sys_threads
  0.68 pre-5     Faster Vesa 2.0 functions from Juan M Caravaga,
  0.68 pre-4.1   Bugfix in window management
  0.68 pre-4     Eyes from N Lesnikov,
  0.68 pre-3.5   Some mbar improvements
  0.68 pre-3.4   Improved simultaneus harddisk access
  0.68 pre-3.3   More skinned windows
  0.68 pre-3.2   Graphical improvements
  0.68 pre-3.1   Bugfix for archiver from Nikita
  0.68 pre-3     Very good archiver from Nikita Lesnikov,
  0.68 pre-2.2   Bugfix for hd application start
                 Start apps from hd with systree.asm
  0.68 pre-2.1   Bugfix for skinned window frame
  0.68 pre-2     Skinned windowtype 3 from
  0.68 pre-1     Fat32 write enabled (fat.asm) & simple bmp viewer
  0.67 pre-11    New mouse functions from
  0.67 pre-10    System call trace
  0.67 pre-9     Waveplayer+ & bugfix for icon manager
  0.67 pre-8     Doubleclick on window title -> fullscreen/restore
  0.67 pre-7.2   Bugfix: desktop colours saving
  0.67 pre-7.1   Bugfix: no ghost buttons for shaded windows
  0.67 pre-7     Right mouse click on window title -> window shade
  0.67 pre-6     System file tree & browser (fn 58)
  0.67 pre-5     All system functions in servetable
  0.67 pre-4     Improved timing in eg. wave player
  0.67 pre-3     Bugfix in system call i40
  0.67 pre-2.1   System colours for program menus
  0.67 pre-2     Basics for uniform desktop colours, desktop.asm (tinypad.asm)
  0.67 pre-1.1   Alt keymap sysfn & PID return with process stats
  0.67 pre-1     AMD compatible MTRR's from
  0.66 pre-10    Jumptable and modifications for syscalls by
                 L. Kuusijarvi,
  0.66 pre-9.6   Mousedraw fixes
  0.66 pre-9.5   Bugfix in sysfunct 35 (vscreen, screen magnif.)
  0.66 pre-9.4   Mousepointer draw fixes
  0.66 pre-9.1-9.3  webview+ , links - framed/full window , 404's
  0.66 pre-9     TCP/IP sceleton from Mike Hibbett,
  0.66 pre-8.3   Color-cycling for tinyfrac.asm
  0.66 pre-8.2   Bugfix for mbar.asm tinypad parameter
  0.66 pre-8.1   Mview/tinypad improvements from
  0.66 pre-8     VGA driver from
  0.66 pre-7     MASH shell from
  0.66 pre-6     Direct LFB write with paging disabled &
                 Palette only for 13h mode & mview.asm+
  0.66 pre-5.1-5.2  Webview.asm colours+
  0.66 pre-5     Simple webview.asm - displays from ramdisk
  0.66 pre-4     Very nice code viewer from
  0.66 pre-3,,
  0.66 pre-2     Process/thread start improvements and checks (thread2.asm)
  0.66 pre-1     File attribute bugfix, fn. filesave (eg. tinyfrac.asm)
  0.65 pre-9     Threads, see thread.asm
  0.65 pre-8     Kernel code splitted to include files, sb/hd/display
  0.65 pre-7.0-7.3  Kernel code line by line check
  0.65 pre-6.0-6.2  Colour+
  0.65 pre-5     If selected, quickboots from fat32-hd, see hdboot.txt
  0.65 pre-4     Tinyfrac+
  0.65 pre-3     Fix for usb keyboards & tinyfrac.asm
  0.65 pre-2     Play .wav files from fat32-hd
  0.65 pre-1     Bugfix for some keyboard controllers when booting/exiting
  0.64 pre-8.2   Graph+
  0.64 pre-8.1   '' -format for fat32 & icon manager +
  0.64 pre-8     '' -format for ramdisk & fasm output +
  0.64 pre-7     Fasm bootsector & editable desktop icons
  0.64 pre-6     New bootsector bootmos.asm from A Teixeira,
                 Old at a:\os
  0.64 pre-5     Colour+
  0.64 pre-4     Basics for new window type
  0.64 pre-3     Text editor+
  0.64 pre-2     80x35 text editor
  0.64 pre-1     Edit & compile kernel under menuet
                 (kernel.asm to kernel.mnt)
                 Fasm 1.30 ported
                 New drawline from J Caravaga
                 Bootfix for PIII (rerouteirqs) from
  0.63 pre-11    Faster graphics routines from J.M.Caravaga
  0.63 pre-10    More cool generated backgrounds
  0.63 pre-9     Bootlog display
  0.63 pre-8     Graphics acceleration made optional at boot-time
  0.63 pre-7     Fat32+ & generated bgr from C.Castiglia (Pic4.asm)
  0.63 pre-6     Bugfix for start_app
  0.63 pre-5     MTRR's enabled for LFB(Intel), much faster GUI
  0.63 pre-4     No jloc - documents -> how to compile
  0.63 pre-3     Fat32 code from Paolo Minazzi - see example*
  0.63 pre-2     No size limit for hd apps
  0.63 pre-1     Kernel code cleaning
  0.62 pre-7.1   Bew app header
  0.62 pre-7     Bew memory model
  0.62 pre-6.1   Application mem reserve in 4096 byte steps
  0.62 pre-6     First step to new application memory model
  0.62 pre-5     Shape area scaling
  0.62 pre-4     Code cleaning
  0.62 pre-4     Circle shaped window example
  0.62 pre-3     Transparent clock, shaping now ok
  0.62 pre-2     Window shaping, better example
  0.62 pre-1     Randomly shaped windows (apps->draw demos)
  0.61.pre-8     Some ownership checks
  0.61.pre-7     Popup txt/asm files from ramdisk reader & icon bugfix
  0.61.pre-6     Additions for hard real-time port reading
  0.61.pre-5     Code cleaning
  0.61.pre-4     Colorworks.II
  0.61.pre-3     Colorworks
  0.61.pre-2     Better icons & bugfix in ramdisk file_open
  0.61.pre-1     Game from Mario Birkner,
  0.60 Pre-7     Blue as startup color
  0.60 Pre-6     Some cosmetics improvements
  0.60 Pre-5     Improvements to eg keymap from quickcode
  0.60 Pre-4     All sys_code in RUN32.ASM - no include macros (IDT)
  0.60 Pre-3     GDT's data formed with code, IDT next
  0.60 Pre-2     Bugfix in app start (parameters) & up to 1000 buttons on screen
  0.60 Pre-1     Memory support up to 64 M & LFB address change
  0.59 Pre-9.3   Background stretch for voodoo
  0.59 Pre-9.2   Window_move ok with new screen patch
  0.59 Pre-9.1   Fixed 320x200 resolution, works with voodoo drivers
  0.59 Pre-9     Voodoo functions from Alexey (
                 - only mouse pointer to go
  0.59 Pre-8     All apps compile/edit under FASM/Menuet
  0.59 Pre-7     More structured menu & small gui fixes
  0.59 Pre-6     Multiple L-EMU's run (bugfix in sys_getkey)
  0.59 Pre-5     15 % faster putimage
  0.59 Pre-4     Simple Linux emu (stdin,stdout)
  0.59 Pre-3     Setting scanline to minimum on video card
  0.59 Pre-2     Choose 3D or FLAT display (on the fly)
  0.59 Pre-1     Better design for bgr changer and cd player
       No conflicts with ComX mouse
       Display numbers to window
       Binary, decimal, or hexadecimal with function 47
       Port area reserve/free +
       Pine, Lynx, ircII work with telnet vt100 terminal
       Russian keyboard fix
       Irq reserve/free
       Port area reserve/free
       Background stretch/tiled
       Three button mouse
       Memory hole at 15M
       32bit display bugfix
       Draw_mouse fixes
       Some GUI optimizations
       putimage, drawbar, mouse residuals
       320x200 grayscale to colorscale
       320x200 grayscale for non Vesa systems
       irq programming additions
       Telnet 0.02
       Telnet for modem in COM1
       Additions to driver functions
       All device accesses thru kernel
       Infrared receiver for IRMAN
       User driver basics  not all finished
       Reserve port area
       Reserve irq
       Program irq to read wanted port(s)
       Set sys_event mask for wanted irq(s)
       Receive event with sys_event
       Get data with sys_funct 42
       Background change sys event for desktop icons
       System event masking
       Half way
       More icons and color options
       Quick introduction to assembly programming
       A few design changes
       More color options for GUI
       Transparent desktop icons
       GUI update & basics for desktop icons
       Mouse draw fixes
       Text editor draw fixes
       Boots with new bioses
       Fast GUI responce & fat32 check
       Improved sys_funct 23 'wait event with timeout' > faster responce
       changed the mapping for screen > fast window close
       check for fat32 partition before save
       CPU speed detect & icons
       Command line parameter passing for applications
       This feature enables pop up windows for eg text files
       Same parameter area will be used for application to application
       message passing
       Edit/save files @ fat32 root (still experimental)
       For using this feature you must define the FAT32 hd base and
       partition in setup. Do *not* define any other than fat32 partition
       for hd save feature. Works in fat32 coder Paolo Minazzi's computer 
       and in all my 3 fat32 hds.

16.07.2001  0.47b bootfix with new bioses
15.07.2001  0.47  faster GUI responce
11.07.2001  0.46b graph+ & cpu speed app
05.07.2001  0.46  Command line parameters for applications
03.07.2001  0.45  edit/save file @ fat32 (still experimental)
27.06.2001  0.44c bugfix for window background
22.06.2001  0.44b file & color details
20.06.2001  0.44  sb16wav & fat32 write (experim.) from P.Minazzi & window_draw bugfix
10.06.2001  0.43  os code cleared & new functions/apps
03.06.2001  0.42  new apps & improvements
29.05.2001  0.41f asm commands doc & os code cleanup
25.05.2001  0.41e some basic app changes
24.05.2001  0.41d assembler and editor file select
21.05.2001  0.41c fat12 rootdir read/execute & virtual screen app
20.05.2001  0.41b improvements for many apps with fasm
18.05.2001  0.41  Alt gr, @{[]}\ for keymaps
17.05.2001  0.40e floppy save at menuet exit -> develop apps fully under menuet
07.05.2001  0.40d all sys functions documented
05.05.2001  0.40c more commented examples
20.04.2001  0.40b view system functions & better keymap ( ' * < > ) for editor
19.04.2001  0.40  edit -> compile -> run example.asm under menuet
16.04.2001  0.39f mem protection back on
16.04.2001  0.39e new tetris & fasm for menuet works fast & perfect, no save yet
15.04.2001  0.39d FASM compiles source code under menuet
13.04.2001  0.39c basic menuet i/o for FASM compiler port
12.04.2001  0.39b cache for hard disk
12.04.2001  0.39  start menuet apps from hard disk
11.04.2001  0.38i mario+
08.04.2001  0.38h more graphics
08.04.2001  0.38g eg. better sync for ps2 mouse
07.04.2001  0.38f some key responce for Mario
05.04.2001  0.38e Super Mario basics
04.04.2001  0.38d Tetris from Paulo Minazzi
29.03.2001  0.38c color glide for window background
28.03.2001  0.38b faster area draw -> faster window move
23.03.2001  0.38  protected memory, multiple runs/app, future compatible app-headers
04.03.2001  0.37b more graph details
23.02.2001  0.37  graphics details
21.02.2001  0.36f fat32 reader finds all subdirectories
19.02.2001  0.36e read all entries of root
15.02.2001  0.36d small details
13.02.2001  0.36c improvements to textfile editor
12.02.2001  0.36b info about root dir files in disk reader
12.02.2001  0.36  fat32 root directory read & color change
06.02.2001  0.35g fat16, fat32 and ntfs detection
02.02.2001  0.35f hd partition type detect
01.02.2001  0.35e basic interface window for fat32 reader
31.01.2001  0.35d more backgrounds
31.01.2001  0.35c some graphical details
29.01.2001  0.35b graphics work properly in notebooks
26.01.2001  0.35  back to old working bootloader
26.01.2001  0.34d renewed the diskette image  
22.01.2001  0.34c new bootloader & a bugfix in resolution select
17.01.2001  0.34b CPU idle process display
15.01.2001  0.34  better bootloader from Jan
14.01.2001  0.33c 386+ compatible again with RDTSC disable
14.01.2001  0.33b little things
09.01.2001  0.33  Released the source code under General Public Licence
07.01.2001  0.32  AMD K6-II compatible IRQ's
03.01.2001  0.31c AMD int 0xcd handle
01.01.2001  0.31b system call defined as trap & uses only apps stack
30.12.2000  0.31  new window type
30.12.2000  0.30b a bit different startup gui & SMM int 0xcd RSM
29.12.2000  0.30  remover sti, iret -combinations
29.12.2000  0.29g CR4 control & regs and stack dump on bad interrupt
28.12.2000  0.29f More to sound mixer & bad interrupt detect
27.12.2000  0.29e Basic handler for all interrupts
27.12.2000  0.29d roundup for nasm missing RETFD 
27.12.2000  0.29c on error regs & stack dump to screen
27.12.2000  0.29b all irqs enabled in default mode
25.12.2000  0.29  Select boot: defaults or setup
24.12.2000  0.28e irqs 14 & 15 control
24.12.2000  0.28d enable/disable irqs you want
24.12.2000  0.28c Christmas Edition - 6 step boot for enabling irqs 
22.12.2000  0.28b Bugfix in task scheduler & more tests to bootup
22.12.2000  0.28  Info at boot-time for troubleshooting
20.12.2000  0.27e russian info
19.12.2000  0.27d SB16 mixer, type II - increases volume, dont have one here 
18.12.2000  0.27c windows sound system & finnish and german info
18.12.2000  0.27b different coding for bootup
17.12.2000  0.27  CDplay playlist & info follows system language
14.12.2000  0.26f system language setup
13.12.2000  0.26e Sound blaster 16 mixer basics & kernel back in 1 file
13.12.2000  0.26d improved cd driver
12.12.2000  0.26c eng,fin,ger&rus keymaps should work & splitted os code
11.12.2000  0.26b CD play basics ok
10.12.2000  0.26  New gui design works also for 32 bit cards
09.12.2000  0.25e Faster window move & window responce
09.12.2000  0.25d Putimage works perfect over & underlapped.
08.12.2000  0.25c Smoother window responce
06.12.2000  0.25b First version of the new gui design, background
05.12.2000  0.25  Fixed the lost buttons -bug. No bugs Im aware of.
04.12.2000  0.24f 32 bit display ok
03.12.2000  0.24e 32 bit display cards should work better, dont have one here
02.12.2000  0.24d Russian character set works
01.12.2000  0.24c New char table
30.11.2000  0.24b Midi base definition & keyboard layouts
26.11.2000  0.24  All apps in upper menubar
25.11.2000  0.23d Bugfix in system call handler. 
25.11.2000  0.23c Bugfix in example.asm
24.11.2000  0.23b Window activate from upper menubar
22.11.2000  0.23  Added example.asm for first-time coders
21.11.2000  0.22d Quick start from menubar
21.11.2000  0.22c Buttons got a new look
20.11.2000  0.22b Menu got a new look
20.11.2000  0.22  More update on image overlap
20.11.2000  0.21c Process kill & basics for midi-player & sys setup
19.11.2000  0.21b Task switch segments work & code cleanup
13.11.2000  0.21  No mouse residuals, part II
08.11.2000  0.20c No more mouse residuals - quite beautiful
06.11.2000  0.20b Support for 32 bit display cards, still problems
02.11.2000  0.20  More display compatibility - Vesa 2.0 linear frame buffer
31.10.2000  0.19  smoother window activate & found bugs -> fixed
28.10.2000  0.18c smoother window response
27.10.2000  0.18b dancing baby - test your cpu usages
27.10.2000  0.18  driver system structure
26.10.2000  0.17b process starting from menu
24.10.2000  0.17  process ending & more optimized colors
09.10.2000  0.16  buttons work & color gliding for gui
07. 9.2000  0.15  assembler prog basics & 16.7 M in action 
05. 9.2000  0.14b fixes for GUI -> faster
04. 9.2000  0.14  background changer & more to text editor
29. 8.2000  0.12b 800x600 resolution and other things
25. 8.2000  0.12  more about cpu
21. 8.2000  0.11  text editor, basic responce for keyboard
18. 8.2000  0.10  again faster windowing
17. 8.2000  0.09  faster windowing & ps2 mouse finished & system checks
15. 8.2000  0.081 window stacking
11. 8.2000  0.08  No bugs that Im aware of. Released the os source code.
10. 8.2000  0.07B window moving and positioning  
08. 8.2000  0.06  ps/2 mouse
07. 7.2000  0.05  makeup :) and sources for apps
03. 7.2000  0.04  viewer for clock-cycles/application/second
26. 6.2000  0.03b removed 'the borland crt-unit bug' from the installer
22. 6.2000  0.03  added more support for different graphics card addr's
20. 6.2000  0.02  more wider compatibility, but still work to do on it
16. 5.2000  0.01  basic works ok, compatible propably only to my own PC :)