Menuet64 networking at VirtualBox (4.2.18):

- Select Intel PRO/1000 MT desktop card with NAT or Bridged adapter at Virtualbox setup
- Start Menuet64
- At Menu/System/Setup, select /fd/1/driver/i8254x network driver and press Apply
- Check that network driver is working properly with Menu/System/Drivers application
- Enable Ethernet at Menu/Internet/Setup/Stackcfg application and press Apply
- Start Menu/Internet/Setup/DHCP and press Send Request
- Set returned values with Stack Configuration and press Apply

Network applications should now be enabled. It might require
a retry for DNS client to respond.

Menuet64 CD at VirtualBox (4.2.18):

- Open Settings window and select Storage
- Right click Controller: IDE Controller and select Add CD/DVD Device 
  to open selection window: "Would you like to choose a virtual disk ?"
- Choose Disk & choose Menuet CD image file, MCD.ISO
- Select MCD.ISO under Controller: IDE Controller and 
- Select Primary Slave at Attributes
- Accept changes at Settings window
- Set CD settings to Primary Slave at Menuet boot-time configuration